'The Bachelorette' Recap: Tayshia Adams and Ivan Hall Show Newfound Bond

One of the group dates in the new episode of the long-running dating competition show sees the men being challenged to write an original love song and perform it in front of Tayshia.

AceShowbiz - Tayshia Adams continued her love journey in a new episode of "The Bachelorette" that aired on Tuesday, November 24. In today's episode, the men had to write an original love song and perform it in front of Tayshia. The men were all busy trying their best to come up with a good song as they were only given an hour to complete the task.

When it was time to perform, Ivan asked Tayshia to join him on stage and he kissed her hand at the end of his performance. That really worked because Tayshia named Ivan as the winner and asked him to meet her in her suite that evening.

During the date, they kicked things off by playing a game before playing with pillows. The two played throughout the evening and shared a kiss. They also enjoyed some wine together while sitting down outside. They spent the time by getting to know each other as they talked about their family. Tayshia opened up about trying to fit in in Orange County where a lot of people that don't look like her.

Later, it was time for another group date with Zac, Kenny, Marc, Bennett, Riley and Blake. This time, Tayshia's friends "The Bachelorette" alum Becca Kufrin and "Bachelor in Paradise" alum Sydney Lotuaco visited her to give her support. They were playing truth or dare as the men were put into teams; Bennett and Demar, Kenny and Blake, Zac and Riley.

The men were trying hard that they were all spontaneous and were up for fun just like Tayshia. From eating a whole habanero pepper to proposing to her, they all accepted the dare. In the cocktail party, they did the truth part of the truth or dare date. Bennett, who got down on his knee earlier that day, told him that he was also getting married for the wrong reasons and has no regrets in ending it. He said that it was a reality check for him when he proposed to her as a dare and he thanked her for that before kissing her.

Later during a moment alone with Zac, he admitted to being nervous around him. He apparently overcame it rather quickly because then they were kissing. Bennett was confident he would get the group date rose, but Tayshia decided to give it to Zac. Ben was upset that he didn't get time to be with Tayshia so he decided to go to her room. However, he wasn't the only one who planned to do so because Ed was also heading to Tayshia's house. While Ben arrived safely at Tayshia's room, Ed mistook Chris Harrison's rooms for hers. As for Ben, he had a nice talk as well as a steamy makeout season with Tayshia.

During the cocktail party ahead of the Rose Ceremony, things started off well until Noah told Tayshia about how the other men treated him after she gave him a rose in a date he wasn't actually invited. That made Tayshia mad and thought that they questioned her integrity. She then decided to cancel the rest of the cocktail party and went straight to the ceremony. She presented the roses to Ben, Eazy, Riley, Brandon, Bennett, Blake, Demar, Spencer and Ed.

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