Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev Plan to Go to Couples Therapy Due to 'Many Ups and Downs'

The 'Total Bellas' star, who welcomed her and Artem's first child together Matteo in July, shares that they will work on their relationship as soon as the current season of 'Dancing with the Stars' ends.

AceShowbiz - Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev are not that different from any other couples around the world. The "Total Bellas" star, who welcomed their first child Matteo more than three months prior, revealed that she and the "Dancing with the Stars" pro-dancer have plans to go to couples therapy due to "many ups and downs" in their relationship.

The 36-year-old opened up about her love life when speaking to Us Weekly on Wednesday, November 11. "He's an amazing dad, but I would be lying to say, 'Oh, it's great.' It has definitely been a struggle for us. It's hard," she confessed. "We have so many ups and downs. It's been so difficult on our relationship because I need so much from him, but he's, like, torn between his job that requires so much from him and then us at home."

"He and I are actually gonna start, like it's therapy with our life coach.. After Dancing, we're going to start classes as a couple because we've realized that we both feel like we're not listening to each other," the retired pro-wrestler continued explaining in the interview with her twin sister Brie Bella. "We finally both just said, like, 'We need to bring someone in to help us so we don't get [back] into that place.' "

During the chat, the TV personality also talked about her postpartum depression. "I'm doing better. I still definitely fight it," she admitted. "When Artem started dancing, Matteo was four weeks and I was supportive like 'Go and do it, I got this.' And then I got shook, like 'No, I don't have this like, why did I think I could do this alone as a new mom' and Matteo, you know, was colicky and I just felt so alone."

Nikki additionally mentioned that Brie was the first who notified Artem about her real condition. "She had to come to Artem and be like, 'Nicole isn't doing well, and she's hiding a lot from you,' " she recalled, noting that it forced her to get real about it with her fiance. "I just told him, like, 'I need more attention from you,' and that is something we've worked on, and that's gotten better."

Nikki, who was previously engaged to fellow wrestling pro John Cena, began dating Artem in December 2018. They got engaged around a year later, and welcomed their first son together in July 2020.

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