Zac Hanson Offers An Apology Amid Backlash Over Leaked Pinterest Account

After deleting the account that contained controversial and offensive pro-gun memes, the Hanson drummer insists that the page does not reflect his personal beliefs.

AceShowbiz - Zac Hanson has apologised after his deleted Pinterest account, which featured controversial and offensive pro-gun memes, was leaked online.

The "MMMBop" hitmaker and his sibling bandmates, Isaac Hanson and Taylor Hanson, are the subject of a new Vice investigation into the discontent from fans over the group's politics.

According to their followers, the Hanson brothers have been hesitant to support Black Lives Matter on social media, with the Pinterest account also spurring backlash due to "a trove of pro-gun memes, many of which were racist, transphobic, homophobic, and sexist," according to Vice editors.

One meme on the account suggested support for George Zimmerman over the 2012 killing of Trayvon Martin, while another compared the right to use an AR-15 rifle with civil rights icon Rosa Parks' bus protest.

Confirming the account, created under the username Commanding Officer, belonged to him, Zac wrote in an Instagram message alongside one meme which showed a picture of a man being consoled by a woman: "It's a joke. I told her guns make me feel uncomfortable. She said we should both see other men."

"Maybe it's in bad taste, a lot of comedy is," he added. "Yes she's putting him down, cause she's hardcore. It's the woman that 'gun guys' daydream about."

Zac Hanson's IG comment

Zac Hanson reacted to an Instagram message criticizing his Pinterest comment.

In an emailed statement to Vice about the Pinterest account, Zac wrote: "The leaked Pinterest page provided a distorted view of the issues surrounding race and social justice, which do not reflect my personal beliefs. I apologise for the hurt my actions caused."

Further discontent around the group's politics relates to them failing to acknowledge the Black Lives Matter movement. While admitting they were "rocked to the core" by the death of George Floyd in a June statement and urged "peaceful marches," they didn't namecheck the movement.

In a separate statement issued to Vice addressing the fan criticism, Hanson said: "We are so grateful to our incredible and diverse community of fans for their continued support and powerful connection with our music. We are proud to have people of so many different backgrounds as a part of the community who consider themselves Hanson fans."

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