Zac Hanson Makes Use of Coronavirus Lockdown to Start New Band

While he is not sure when the music from his side project will come out, the Hanson drummer is back at work with his brothers, Isaac and Taylor, to prepare their three-night mini monthly residencies.

AceShowbiz - Pop star Zac Hanson has co-founded a new band as a side project during the coronavirus shutdown.

The Hanson drummer put his downtime over the spring and early summer to good use to make one of his long-running dreams with his pals come to fruition.

"I have several friends (with whom I've) been talking about starting a band for years. And this made some time to actually do that, and it's been awesome," he tells

However, Zac has no idea what they will do with the new material, if anything.

"I don't know when or where the music will ever come out, but the joy of realizing that project and laughing together and making music together has been really awesome," he smiles.

In the meantime, Zac and his Hanson bandmates and brothers, Isaac Hanson and Taylor Hanson, are back at work, preparing for the first of their three-night mini monthly residencies at Cain's Ballroom in their native Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The shows, which kick off on 9 October, will be streamed live online, while a number of in-person tickets have also been made available for each gig, and it's all designed to help the family-run venue keep its doors open as the COVID-19 pandemic rumbles on.

"It's about 10 percent of what would normally be in the room, so it's a very small number," Zac explains of the in-person audience capacity. "But it allows us to go, 'We're going to invite hardcore fans, the fan-club members, into the room, and then we're going to broadcast to the world and give people something to look forward to if you're a Hanson fan.' "

However, Hanson is hopeful the live music industry will be up and running again next year, so they can move forward with plans for a world tour in support of their upcoming 12th studio album, "Against the World", in 2021.

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