SM Entertainment Refuses to Comment on EXO's Member Chanyeol's Cheating Accusations

Alongside several photos of the 'Monster' singer with her, though she is edited out in all the images, a woman alleges that Chanyeol slept with a number of people while dating her.

AceShowbiz - EXO's member Chanyeol has faced huge accusations by a woman who claimed to be his ex-girlfriend. In a lengthy post, the woman, who said that she dated the "Kokobop" hitmaker for three years, exposed the South Korean heartthrob, accusing him of cheating on her multiple times when they were still together.

Alongside several photos of Chanyeol with her, though she was edited out in all the images, the woman alleged that Chanyeol slept with a number of people while dating her. "You must be surprised to see something written from me when you thought we had broken up. Well, I feel dirty and disgusting thinking about the three years I've been tricked by you. Chan__ this is the karma you brought onto yourself," so the fan wrote in a South Korean online community on Wednesday, October 28.

Claiming that she used to believe him when he denied everything, the woman added, "But you were somebody else's first experience as you had one night stands with other people. I was so ignorant as you slept with new women while I was asleep. ... If there's a fault with me, It's that I didn't know you were this kind of a prick and tried to shield you, trusted you, and have no taste in people."

"I think that's the only fault that I have. I tried to hide the photos we took together just in case it got out to the public, and I thought it would cause you trouble in your work. So I didn't even tell my close friends that I had a boyfriend," she added. "I trusted you when you told me you would die if your career in the music industry was affected by girl-problems. So I was busy trying to shield you."

Concluding the message, the woman demanded her to "become a decent human being." She added, "I won't mention anything else other than this that can become a bigger issue. You probably know what those are about."

In response to the accusation, Chanyeol's agency has issued a statement. "[SM Entertainment] will not be making any statements regarding the online community post in question," read the statement on Thursday.

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