Conan O'Brien Slams Burglar Stealing Clapperboard From Talk Show's Set: 'That's the Lowest'

The 57-year-old comedian laments the robbery that has hit the makeshift set of his late night talk show 'CONAN' at the Coronet nightclub, saying, 'I can't think of anything lower.'

AceShowbiz - Conan O'Brien could not believe the boldness of those robbing the makeshift set of "CONAN". When sharing with viewers that a few laptops and a clapperboard had gone missing from the temporary set at Largo at the Coronet Theater, the late night talk show host called the move made by the burglar "the lowest."

The 57-year-old opened up about the burglary in the Monday, October 26 episode of "CONAN". Speaking to field producer Jason Chillemi, he went into details about what was stolen. Upon learning that the culprit had even taken a slate, he commented, "They took that, that's the lowest. I can't think of anything lower. Okay, the laptops - fine. [But] you took the slate? That's crazy."

Wondering why the burglar took the device used to mark scenes and takes, Conan asked, "What's a robber gonna do with this thing." He went on to state, "It's what kids use, it's what 16-year-olds use to make a student film, probably in Hollywood they're on the street, they're everywhere, and he took it. It's ridiculous."

Before pointing out the ridiculousness of the robbery, Conan noted that he set up his show at the West Hollywood venue since he wanted to help the place which was affected by the coronavirus pandemic. "Seemed like a nice thing to do," he explained. "What happens? We get here this morning and we find out that someone broke into our little theater and took some of our equipment."

"We got robbed, Andy, Robbed! And whoever broke in here had to stare at 350 cardboard cutouts of exuberant fans in the eyes and say, 'Hey, don't mind me. I'm going to steal some s**t,' " Conan told fellow comedian Andy Richter as he made a reference to the fake audience set up by the show's crew in the studio.

Nonetheless, Conan took the incident lightheartedly. "What happened to us? We've become this garage band that drives around. We've got our van and we parked it in an alley, and someone broke in and took our amps. What is that? This doesn't happen to the other talk show hosts," he quipped while laughing. "Man, just for the laugh alone, maybe it's worth it."

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