Naomi Campbell Cries After Getting Called Out for Insensitive End SARS Post
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People take offense because the supermodel addresses the issue by posting a photo of herself in a silver dress with a caption that reads, 'I pray for a silver lining.'

AceShowbiz - Naomi Campbell could not hold back her tears after she was called out over something that some deemed "insensitive." The supermodel took to her Twitter account to spread awareness about what is currently happening in Nigeria, though a number of people were not feeling her post.

People took offense because Naomi shared a photo of herself in a silver dress with a caption that read, "I pray for a silver lining. An ode to dreams and the dreamers." One critic mocked her on Twitter, "how can naomi come dressed as a wrapped burrito and talk about silver lining over a humanitarian crisis plssssss this is embarassing." Another said, "Celebrities are tweeting stupidity and nonsense as in they don't have a PR team to sign off on these things? Naomi please, where can we find silver lining in government funded mass murder?"

Model Adesuwa Aighewi was also among people who called Naomi out over her post, taking to Instagram Stories to write, "I'm literally so f***ing livid there are people's f***ing lives!! My f***ing fathers front yard is on f***ing fire. My friends are being shot at. But guess what? You're our silver lining. Thank you. Thank you madam. You're doing well."

She continued, "If you don't have f**k s**t to say shut the f**k up! No one cares about ur f***ing beauty! There's a f***ing pandemic. People haven't made money. You suck in your stupid dress."

Following the backlash, Naomi held an Instagram Live stream to further address the End SARS protest in Nigeria. "Now we have Nigeria, innocent people that are being killed and they wanna say and get on the television and say that no one was killed. We have cameras. We have proof. We can see with our eyes," she said, getting emotional. "Lives are being taken. This is like the modern day genocide. And we should not shut up about it until there is a change. There needs to be a change and we should be the one that helps make the change."

Naomi was overwhelmed with emotion during the stream she started crying in the later part of the stream, urging organizations like the United Nation and UNESCO to "step in and help." Naomi added, "Don't let this happen. ... This is heartbreaking. I know I'm sitting there and I'm not there. If I could be there, I would be."

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