Summer Walker Quits Vegan Diet After Urging People to Veganize Their Babies' Meal

In a comment shared on Instagram, the songstress confesses, 'All that s**t really nasty to me,' adding, 'I rather just take the healthy s**t to the head and then get back to my tacos.'

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker is no longer a vegan. The R&B singer has been maintaining a vegan diet for sometime now, even going all the way to urge people to veganize their babies' meals, but she recently revealed that she has quit the diet because she could not take any of the food anymore.

It all started after she shared on her Finsta account a video of her dinner that consisted of limes, boiled eggs, spinach and seaweeds among other things. Looking at the caption of the post, it's safe to say that she was less than pleased to eat her food and it prompted one of her followers to tell her to find a good chef.

In response, Summer confessed, "all that s**t really nasty to me. I've tried hella vegan meals. I rather just take the healthy s**t to the head and then get back to my tacos."

Some people made fun of her for it, considering that a few months back, she was urging her followers to veganize their kids' meal instead of buying formula food. "Y'all weird for even giving babies that processed government s**t. Throw some real fruit / veggies in a blender and give it to them. LOL revisiting cause [people] kept saying it's too expensive," she said at the time.

She still stood by her comments when one of her followers pointed out that people choose to buy processed food over fresh fruits because they could not afford buying them every week. Responding to the said follower, the "I'll Kill You" singer wrote, "A bowl of fruit for the child would still cost less than formula for the week. To feed the child daily $1.67, Meal 1pear 43 cent, Meal 2 apple 74 cent, Meal 3 peas 50 cent, $11.69 weekly. And they drink water so it's cheaper. $23.38 for 2 weeks."

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