Gloria Estefan Admits to Having No Clue About Daughter's Sexuality Before She Came Out

Despite that, the 63-year-old Latina legend reveals on her new Facebook show that she is fully supportive of Emily to the point that she even offered to carry the gay flag during pride parade.

AceShowbiz - Gloria Estefan has gotten candid about her daughter's sexuality. When sitting down with Emily Estefan and her niece Lili Estefan for an episode of "Red Table Talk: The Estefans", the Latina legend admitted that she had no clue that her musician daughter was gay before she finally came out.

The 63-year-old singer brought up the issue during a candid discussion in the Wednesday, October 14 of her new Facebook show. "We had no clue," she told her 25-year-old daughter. "You say, 'How could we not have known?' It's not like we didn't suspect at some moments."

"I remember being in my bedroom and telling you, 'Mama, are you gay?' " the wife of Emilio Estefan continued telling her side of the story. " 'Do you want to carry the gay flag, because if you want I will get on that parade float and I will carry that flag?' "

Gloria went on to recall the moment when Emily denied she was gay. "You said to me, 'Mom, I'm not gay,' because that wasn't the word in your mind for who you were," she stated. Her statement prompted the 25-year-old to clarify that she was at the time tried to figure out her own sexual orientation.

Emily, who tried to come out to her parents at the age of 21, revealed that she was "really nervous" to tell them about the news. Once the musical artist decided to tell her mother, however, she did not get an expected reaction. "I was like, 'Hey, I'm in love with this girl,' the first thing [my mom] said was, 'If you tell your grandma and she dies, her blood is on your hands,' " she remembered.

Admitting that she "wasn't ready" for the response, Emily pointed out, "I understand, my grandma was old, but I felt like, 'Whatever it is, hide it.' That's where my hurt started," She then noted, "I'm never going to forget that."

After Emily got candid about her feelings, Gloria offered up the reason why she reacted that way. The "Get on Your Feet" singer explained, "I was trying to protect both my ailing mother from any shot that could affect her health and Emily from anything that could harm their relationship."

The daughter of Emilio first came out publicly in 2017 via Instagram by reposting her girlfriend Gemeny Hernandez's photo of the two. "I love you. Each and every word you write elevates me. (about me or not) I can't wait for the world (and you) to see what you’re capable of," the caption read.

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