Vanessa Hudgens Gets Mistaken for Kylie Jenner Due to New Selfie

The picture in question featured the former 'High School Musical' star pouting her lips as she rocks a pair of fake elf ears and keeps her long, raven hair down.

AceShowbiz - Vanessa Hudgens is gearing up for Halloween. On Thursday, October 8, the Disney alum took to her Instagram account to tease what she would be wearing this Halloween, but some of them ended up mistaking the actress for Kylie Jenner.

The photo in question featured Vanessa pouting her lips as she rocked a pair of fake elf ears and kept her raven hair down. The former "High School Musical" star apparently did not have an outfit ready yet because she simply wore a T-shirt and a few accessories to go along with the fake ears.

"Never knew elf ears were such a must have. Lol," she wrote underneath the black-and-white photo.

Most of her followers were gushing over how beautiful she looked in the snap, while some others admitted they had to do a double take to make sure the one in the picture is Vanessa and not Kylie. "I thought you were Kylie for a sec," one fan wrote, as a separate fan left a comment that read, "Wow does anyone else think she looks like Kylie Jenner or….." One other said, "Is it just me or she looks like Kylie Jenner ? Gorgeous tho"

Her resemblance to the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star aside, Vanessa has been channeling Halloween spirit ever since welcoming October. "The Princess Switch" actress has dedicated her Instagram to black-and-white photographs in addition to sharing several throwback photos of her past Halloween costume.

Earlier this month, she credited her fans for providing her with a bunch of Halloween-themed photos of herself. "U guys did so many amazing edits. I wanna post them all but can only do 10 to a slide lol thank you so much to everyone who spent the time to do thissss," the actress wrote alongside edited photos of her and her dog.

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