Rumors of Bjork's Death Send Twitter Into Panic
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It's unclear who first spread the rumors around on the Internet, though a number of people have taken to the blue bird site to express shockness upon learning of the speculation.

AceShowbiz - People on social media were sent into panic on Thursday, October 8. This is all because of rumors spreading around saying that singer Bjork has passed away and not a few believed the speculation because her name started trending on Twitter.

It's unclear who first sparked the rumors, though a number of people took to the blue bird site to express their shockness upon learning of the speculation. "BJORK DIED??!!!?!?" a shocked online user wrote on the micro-blogging site, as someone was still debating whether or not s/he should believe the rumors, "Wait did bjork the singer really die...."

Meanwhile, an individual who thought the rumors were true tweeted, "Rip to Bjork :/ I never really got into her discography but I hear she was a legend." Someone else asked, "bjork died??? or yall joking." There was also one person who wrote, "wait did bjork actually die WHAT," before adding in a separate post, "I know we troll abt bjork a lot but shes been a big inspiration for me since I was 12 that's like actually rly sad."

Fortunately, the rumors are not true as some people point out that this is not the first time such rumors surrounding the singer spread online. "yall gotta stop trying to convince me bjork is dead every time we do this i get a new gray hair," a Twitter user said, as one other echoed the sentiment, "can someone tell me why tf bjork/rip bjork is trending, yall make "rip ###" trend every other month and it confuses the hell out of me and i cant find anything besides ppl saying theyre 'joking' …"

Some others urged people to stop spreading this kind of rumors because it'd only lead to bad things in the future. "every week i see tweets about bjork dying istg the day she actually dies i wouldnt believe it," an individual said. One other warned, "You unloved b***hes need to stop saying bjork is d word every other week y'all are gonna accidentally manifest it."

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