Writer Kinsey Clarke calls out the Oscar-nominated director for tagging her employer after the journalist apparently criticized Ava's tweet, in which she claimed that she doesn't 'wish death on anyone.'

AceShowbiz - Ava Duvernay has been a vocal advocate of Black Lives Matter movement and MeToo movement, but her recent tweet seemed to contradict her stance on the matters. The Oscar-nominated filmmaker has been accused of trying to get a Vogue journalist, who happens to be a black woman, fired over her tweet about people wishing death on Donald Trump.

Attacking the writer, Ava tweeted on Monday, October 5, "To Kinsey Clark of @voguemagazine + all who tried to ridicule me for stating I don't wish death upon anyone: 1) Feel free to spend your time/energy/spirit wishing for someone's death. I won't. 2) Rage, criticism, justice work can be done without soiling one's soul, karma, mind."

Ava Duvernay's Tweet

Ava Duvernay attacked a Vogue journalist.

Her tweet seemed to be a response to criticism after she insisted that she wouldn't wish death on anyone, including Trump. "I don't wish death on anyone. I was raised better. If that makes me insane, then I guess I am," she wrote on Sunday. It's unclear, though, what Kinsey said about Ava that made the "Selma" director target the write in particular in her tweet.

Ava quickly removed her tweet tagging Vogue, but Kinsey shared a screenshot of it and wrote along with it, "Suddenly it's tweets not loading after she tagged my employer but not me." She also suggested that the director tried to use her power to get rid of Kinsey from her job, "This is how a prominent black creative woman reacts when someone pulls her card and points out her hypocrisy: with passive aggressive intimidation tactics. But that's ya'll fave!"

Demanding an explanation from Ava, Kinsey continued tweeting, "I think we all should be asking @Ava why, instead of directing her anger at a president who is gaslighting an entire nation and infecting his work staff, she decided to tag my employer when I pulled her receipts up. I personally would really like to know."

"I would like answers and I would like an apology," she added. "Because @ava recognizes that she's got a huge platform and a lot of power, and she chose that moment right there to weaponize that and target another black woman's job."

Ava Duvernay Slammed on Twitter

The writer demanded an explanation from Ava.

Upon seeing Ava and Kinsey's tweets, many have supported the Vogue journalist and blasted Ava for not standing up for a fellow black woman. "How interesting. She was raised better and will not wish death upon white supremacists but tagging a black woman's employer because she was called out is right in her purview," one wrote.

"Well wishes to a white supremacist but wishes of unemployment for a Black woman. Interesting," another echoed the sentiment. A third commenter wrote, "I'm sorry she did this to you. Disgusting and embarrassing."

"Ava is a serial blocker but she will absolutely go out of her way to try to make you lose your job (and by extension healthcare)," a fourth person accused. Another was disappointed at the director as writing, "I don't understand how you direct an amazing movie about the Central Park Five and then act like this. I don't." Someone else claimed, "She doesn't care about the struggle for black liberation she profits off of our trauma."

It's not until numerous criticisms leveled at her that the "A Wrinkle in Time" helmer responded to the writer's claims. Regretting her tweet, Ava wrote, "Dear Kinsey, I apologize for the tag in my reply. I'm used to attacks on here. But something about yours hit different. I reacted to a tweet that hurt my feelings. It was up for about 3 mins before I took it down and I should've never posted it. My apologies to you. I was wrong."

Ava Duvernay's Tweets

Ava apologized to the writer.

Ava went on admitting that she reacted "petty" to the criticism regarding her initial tweet. "Yes. I tried to ward off negative energy/wishes for death by countering. Got attacked for it. Wasn't bothered. A second wave unleashes. I react negatively, petty," she acknowledged. "Couldn't see that I was doing the very thing I tried to counter. This energy twists us. Which was my original point."

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