James Charles Shocked Internet Goes Frenzy Over Cardboard Cutout of Himself

Gamer Justa Minx successfully makes the beauty guru's name trend on social media by having a cardboard cutout of himself lying on her bed during a Twitch stream.

AceShowbiz - James Charles found his name trending on Twitter on Thursday, September 24, though it was not because of something he said or did on the social media site. Rather, it was because a cardboard cutout of himself made an appearance during gamer Justa Minx's "Love or Host" streaming show.

During the show, Minx was busy playing a game with other streamers, but fans could not help but focus on the cardboard cutout of James lying on her bed. Many began to react to the cardboard cutout to the point where James' name started trending on the blue bird app. For instance, one could not hide his/her surprise by writing in all-caps, "JAMES CHARLES AND THE MINION PLUSH ON THE BACK IM LSING MY MIND."

Some others, in the meantime, started making jokes about the fact that a Minion plushie was lying near James' cardboard cutout. "james charles x minions friends to lovers 200k words slow burn," an individual said. "You guys are so cute," another joked, along with an edited pic of James kissing a Minion. One other commented, "f**k sapnap i'm more interested about james charles and the minions love story."

"JAMES CHARLES IS JUST LAYING THERE AND NOT HELPING MINX OMG," someone else chimed in, while another said, "MINX IS LOOKING FOR LOVE BUT IS ALREADY DATING JAMES CHARLES, AND A MINION." Meanwhile, one more person had this to say, "Yo what is james charles doing with that minion." Another quipped, "james charles and the minion are looking great in this photo ngl."

An active Twitter user, James naturally found out his name was trending on Twitter and was shocked to learn of the reason. He wrote on the micro-blogging site, "I'm currently trending because of a cardboard cutout?? This is definitely a first, someone please explain hahahah."

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