Ray J Having Second Thoughts About His Decision to Divorce Princess Love

In the latest episode of 'The Real', the hip-hop musician says of his decision, 'I'm not saying that that's what I did, or that I made a mistake, but I don't know if I did make a mistake.'

AceShowbiz - It looks like Ray J might have regretted his decision to file for divorce from Princess Love. In the Tuesday, September 22 episode of "The Real", the rapper appeared to admit to having second thoughts about the decision while being grilled about his marriage by Loni Love and the other hosts.

"When you're in your own relationship, sometimes, you know, sometimes you do things spontaneously, sometimes you move too fast, sometimes you make mistakes, you know what I mean?" he said. "And so…I'm not saying that that's what I did, or that I made a mistake, but I don't know if I did make a mistake. I don't know. I have every right to just not know and still just try to figure it out."

Jeannie Mai then confronted him about the reason why he initially refused to go to marriage counseling, to which he replied by saying, "I just felt like the counseling was more so a hustle and it wasn't good ... I felt like it would get one-sided." However, in the end, he admitted that he and Princess Love indeed "need counseling."

He added, "Yeah I would. I spent all weekend at the house with the kids, Princess, my mom and her friends. It was just a good vibe, it really was. I just have to fall back and go, damn, this is a really, really good thing. I would be up for it. I'd be up for whatever it is to make sure my kids have a strong foundation and have both their parents in their lives 24/7. I don't see myself splitting the time, it's so tough to not be with your kids all of your time."

Asked about the problem between them, Ray said, "It's not about unhappiness, sometimes we don't see eye to eye and it maybe gets too explosive and sometimes we might move too fast. Sometimes we might not move too fast."

Ray filed for divorce from Princess on September 14, asking a judge for joint custody of his two children.

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