Keke Palmer Trolls Her Unemployed Sister for Asking Her Money

The former 'Strahan, Sara and Keke' co-host has managed to get Wendy's' attention with her tweets asking for people to help find her sister Lawrencia Palmer a job.

AceShowbiz - Keke Palmer isn't ashamed of making public of the real-life struggle of her family member. On Tuesday, September 15, the actress/singer revealed one of her siblings, Lawrencia Palmer, is currently unemployed and she turned it into a joke.

"Somebody in Florida please give my sister a job, I'm tired of her asking her for money," the 27-year-old star jokingly complained on Twitter. She even identified the said sister in another tweet, writing, "This the sister y'all. She is available for part time y'all!!!" while Lawrencia reacted to Keke's post with multiple rolling on the floor laughing emojis.

Keke Palmer Trolls Her Unemployed Sister

Keke Palmer trolled her unemployed sister on Twitter.

When one of her followers asked Keke what industry her sister Lawrencia is interested in, the "Scream Queens" alum humbly replied, "Criminal justice but Wendy's will do." And her tweets successfully grabbed the attention of the fast food chain, which offered a solution to Keke's concern by sharing a link to its website page that provides information about job opportunities.

But it appears that some people don't appreciate a job at Wendy's as much as Keke does, forcing her to explain, "Y'all in them comments going in on fast food jobs but ITS A JOB AINT IT LOL. Pride have a lot of y'all out here broke for no reason and could BECOME the manager. Or even they content creator, COME ONE NOW! #letshustle."

She shared another message about starting at the bottom in another post, writing, "Apart of being a great boss is knowing how to be an employee."

Keke Palmer Trolls Her Unemployed Sister

Keke shared a message about starting at the bottom.

The former "Strahan, Sara and Keke" co-host, who recently released her new album "Virgo Tendencies, Pt. 1", also defended making a joke about her sister. "I'm so happy to be born into a family full of jokers. I'm realizing a sense of humor is not that common lol," she tweeted.

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