6ix9ine's Baby Mama Sara Molina Seemingly Disses Him in New Post

The social media star shares on Instagram Stories a video of herself as she plays Drake and Lil Durk's, who is currently beefing with 6ix9ine, collaboration in the background.

AceShowbiz - It's a known fact that 6ix9ine and his baby mama Sara Molina don't have the best relationship ever, and she has made it known again with her latest instagram Stories post. The social media star appeared to throw a subtle diss at the rainbow-haired rapper when she took to the social media site on Monday, September 14.

She shared a video of her flaunting her looks in a tight top that was paired with a rosaria necklace and a bandana covering her hair. There might not be any problems with the video if not for the fact that she put Drake and Lil Durk's collaboration "Laugh Now, Cry Later" in the background. As people already knew, 6ix9ine and Durk are currently beefing.

As if that was not enough, Sara decided to quote Durk's lyrics that many believed was a diss aimed at 6ix9ine in the caption of the post. "Can you not play that lil' boy in the club? 'Cause we do not listen to rats," so Durk rapped on the song. For those who do not know, 6ix9ine has been dubbed ever since he testified against Nine Trey gang members for a lighter prison sentence.

6ix9ine has yet to react to the subtle diss.

It arrives after 6ix9ine revealed in an interview how he found out that his then-manager Kifano Jordan a.k.a. Shotti had sex with Sara. Detailing how he tricked Shotti into lending his phone to him, the "TROLLZ" rapper said that he immediately went to another room once he got Shotti's phone in his hands to check his text messages.

"I put Sarah, my baby mama's number. First message I see, 'Why you hang up on me,' 'Call me after you're done running,' 'You still with that b***h?' " he recalled. "Oh, they f***ing with each other. And this is my baby mom's number. I just the messages like, 'Call me after you're done running,' 'Call me back,' 'Yo you with that girl.' You know how my heart felt? You my right hand man yo."

Once he was done scrolling through his phone, Tekashi deleted all traces of him looking at his text messages before giving the phone back to Shotti. However, when he saw Shotti smiling at him, "that s**t crushed me," so the "TROLLZ" rapper said.

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