Usain Bolt Confirms He's in Quarantine Amid Reports He Tests Positive for COVID-19

Prior to his self-quarantine, the former sprinter celebrated his 34th birthday by throwing a massive bash in Jamaica where most of the attendees did not wear masks.

AceShowbiz - Usain Bolt has broken his silence amid reports that he has tested positive for COVID-19. In a clip posted on his Twitter account on Monday, August 24, the Jamaican former sprinter confirmed that he indeed took a coronavirus test over the weekend. However, he has yet to know the result of the test.

He said in the video, "I'm just waking up, and like everybody else I checked social media which is saying I am confirmed to have Covid-19. I did a test on Saturday to leave because I work." As he awaits for the result of the test, Usain revealed that he's been self-quarantining to make sure that he doesn't spread the virus further and urged people who came in contact with him to do the same.

"I am trying to be responsible so I am going to stay in and stay here for my friends," the athlete continued explaining. "I'm having no symptoms so I am going to quarantine myself and wait on the confirmation, to see what is the protocol and how I should go about quarantining myself. Until then, I am saying anyone who has had contact with me should quarantine by themselves just to be safe, and just to take it easy."

Many have been sending him well wishes and prayed that the test comes back negative.

Prior to his self-quarantine, Usain celebrated his 34th birthday by throwing a massive bash in his native country, where most of the attendees did not wear masks. Among the partygoers at the event was England footballer Raheem Sterling, Leon Bailey and Chris Gayle and several other sports stars.

A Manchester City spokesman has confirmed that Raheem is still in Jamaica and is in regular contact with the club. Furthermore, the club will require him to take a coronavirus test before returning to a biosecure bubble in time for the new season.

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