Rick Springfield Plays a Part in Coheed and Cambria's Twisted Sequel of His 'Jessie's Girl'

In addition to appearing on Claudio Sanchez and his band's new track, the veteran rocker also learns about what became of his crush in its music video that sees him as bartender.

AceShowbiz - Rick Springfield has joined rockers Coheed and Cambria to revisit his biggest hit, "Jessie's Girl", and find out what became of his crush.

Springfield enjoyed worldwide success with his 1981 hit about an unobtainable girlfriend and now, almost 40 years later, he is part of Claudio Sanchez and his band's sequel tune, "Jessie's Girl 2", which imagines the hellraiser the mystery woman became.

The veteran rocker not only appears on the new track, he plays a bartender in the accompanying video, watching as the crazy girl he once dreamed of dating steals money, keys, and cell phones from himself and his bar patrons, and sets a pool table ablaze after her boyfriend loses a game.

The video for "Jessie's Girl 2" is now available on YouTube.

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