Constantine Maroulis Weighs In on Lea Michele Controversy: I Genuinely Liked Her

Weeks after the former 'Glee' actress was deemed a bully by her former castmates, the 'American Idol' alum recalls working with her in the 'Spring Awakening' revival with Ken Davenport.

AceShowbiz - Former "American Idol" star Constantine Maroulis has jumped to the defence of embattled Lea Michele following a series of attacks on her character from former castmates, who found her mean.

A number of former "Glee" cast members and co-stars on Broadway stage productions have been piling on Michele over claims she's a behind the scenes bully.

The pregnant star, who has apologized for making anyone feel less than welcome, has her supporters, and now Maroulis, who worked with Lea on off-Broadway show "Spring Awakening" at the beginning of her career, has weighed in, admitting he has heard all the rumors, but always found the actress and singer a true professional with immense talent.

"She and I had known each other a long time," Constantine told David Yontef's "Behind the Velvet Rope" podcast. "She's great... I produced the 'Spring Awakening' revival with Ken Davenport and what a great team... and I knew her when she was doing it, like, off-Broadway and you know, we have a little history... I genuinely liked her and I found her, I find her to be incredibly talented."

"I'm not informed enough to know about all of that stuff that happened on 'Glee'... but I'm listening. I'd rather just listen to hear what people have to say. I think that's just more important than anything right now in this social climate. We just have to listen and we have to hear people. And if people felt really offended, then that sucks, and we have to try to correct that."

He admitted he feels sorry for his old pal, adding, "She's taken a lot of s**t right now... It sucks because she's, like, about to have a baby. If she hasn't had it already... And that's supposed to be just, like, this amazing time, you know?"

Asked to elaborate on his remark that he and Lea have "a little history," the actor squirmed and suggested he and Michele may have been more than just friends and colleagues. "We're a very close community, you know? So I think we had, yeah, we might've had a little moment together back in the day," he says.

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