Todd Chrisley Responds to Plastic Surgery Speculation After Looking Very Youthful in New Selfie

The 'Chrisley Knows Best' star denies having a facelift to counter the signs of aging on his face, but admits to getting Botox and laser to obtain his youthful look.

AceShowbiz - Todd Chrisley has clarified speculation that he recently went under the knife to look very youthful. The reality TV star sparked many questions from his followers after he looked unrecognizable in a new selfie and he has taken time to respond to some of them.

On Sunday, August 16, the 51-year-old posted a photo on Instagram to show his clean-shaven face, after rocking facial hair in his previous selfie. "As you might have guessed, @juliechrisley didn't like the facial hair so i am back to basic and boring ..," he captioned it.

But it's not Todd's clean-shaven face that gained people's attention the most as they noticed how he looks much younger than he was before. Accusing the "Chrisley Knows Best" star of having filler, one person wrote in the comment section, "thank your plastic surgeon...your face is allllll filler .." But Chrisley denied it, kindly replying to his follower, "You are so kind , I actually have no filler in my face , but if you sleep better thinking that , then consider me fillered up."

"That is your face. Its altered …," a second critic retorted, to which the real-estate tycoon clapped back, "If it's not my face , then who should I return it to?" Another speculated that Todd either used filters for the photo of had a facelift, "Did you use filters on this photo or have you had a facelift?" He denied both of them, writing, "Neither , but maybe in the future."

Todd, however, admitted to getting Halo leaser treatments and HydraFacials to reverse the signs of aging on his face. When Bravo reality TV star Lisa Rinna weighed in on the photo as writing, "You look 12," he responded, "Well, thank God for laser , Botox and prayer."

Todd also vaguely wrote to another inquiring fan, "Every 6 months," but his daughter Savannah Chrisley quickly clarified this as writing, "Correction. You don't have a facelift every 6 months it's Botox lol."

Another fan seemed to doubt that Toddy's youthful look is the result of only having Botox, commenting, "Awww man... but my God you look like a teenager! What in the world else are they putting in that botox?!"

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