Dissing YFN Lucci? Reginae Carter Declares She's Done 'Dating N***as With Kids'

People are convinced that the daughter of Lil Wayne is talking about her rapper ex-boyfriend in her latest tweet, considering that he has several children.

AceShowbiz - For all the fathers out there who want to try dating Reginae Carter, it's better to give up right now. The daughter of Lil Wayne has made it clear that she will no longer date men with kids after her failed relationship with YFN Lucci.

Reginae declared this on her Twitter account on Monday, August 17, "I'm done dating n***as with kids. It be the bm/bd love for me. Keep that s**t away from me." Even though the reality TV star didn't name names in her tweet, people were already convinced that she was referring to Lucci considering that the rapper has several children.

"Only person reginae talkin bout is Lucci.... who the hell else she dated as a bd," someone said. "So apparently Lucci been out here creeping round with his BM and Reginae don’t like that," one other wrote. Meanwhile, an individual commented, "You're too young for a n***a wit kids. Sit down, cross your legs, and just let these n****s spoil you and go home."

It's unclear when exactly Lucci and Reginae started dating, but they went public with their romance when attending an event together as a couple in February 2018. Their apparent romance immediately raised eyebrows considering their age differences, but that didn't stop them from loving each other as they stayed together for more than a year before splitting up in August 2019.

As for what caused the breakup, it was because she caught Lucci attending Alexis Skyy's infamous "cucumber party," something that she despised so much. She addressed their breakup at the time, "I'm so glad that I’m not about to deal with that anymore because anybody that's promoting that and thinking it's cool, I don't want to be anywhere near them because they're childish, they're dirty, and they're pathetic."

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