NFL Star Kemah Siverand Trolled After He Gets Cut for Bringing Woman Into Team's Hotel

'All that just to be horny, I was looking forward to see you on field but damn,' one person says following news that the athlete has been cut by the Seattle Seahawks due to his action.

AceShowbiz - The NFL is especially strict when it comes to keeping the athletes safe amid the coronavirus pandemic, and Kemah Siverand has paid the price after breaking the protocols. The athlete has been cut by the Seattle Seahawks, who signed him as an undrafted free agent in May, for breaking a rule that was set to prevent an outbreak of COVID-19.

Reports stated that Kemah was caught in a video trying to sneak in a female visitor to the hotel where the team was staying during training camp by disguising her as one of team members in Seahawks' gear. Unfortunately for him, the plan did not work and he was immediately cut by the team.

Following the news, several people began trolling Kemah as they pointed out a post that he pinned on his profile. It read, "I know my time is going to come, it always has, patience ain't easy but this life isn't for just any somebody... Rome wasn't built in a day." Most of them found the post ironic because just when he was finally signed to a team, he got cut shortly after due to a woman.

"You really put your career on the line for some C*****E ? ! ? !" one person said. "All that just to be horny, I was looking forward to see you on field but damn," another wrote, as an individual sarcastically commented, "I hope she was worth it. Now every team in the NFL knows you can’t be trusted during Covid. No season for you."

The NFL and NFLPA agreed on strict protocols entering training camp during the coronavirus pandemic, including increasing testings for the players and not allowing outside visitors to enter the hotel since it could increase the risk of spread within the training camp.

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