'The Crown' Star Josh O'Connor Compares British Royals to Mobsters

The actor who plays Prince Charles in the Netflix royal family drama series compares the British royal family to the Sopranos due to their 'nastiness and competitiveness.'

AceShowbiz - Actor Josh O'Connor has compared Britain's royal family to Italian-American mafia family, The Sopranos.

The English star, who appears in Netflix's "The Crown" as Prince Charles, told Esquire the drama series is such a hit because the royal family has "an entertaining mix of nastiness and competitiveness."

"Like all great television shows, in my opinion, it's about family, and the politics of the family. And that's what's interesting," he shared. "Yes, all the costumes and the big houses and the quality of the cinematography and the music and the score, all that is amazing."

"But ultimately, at its heart, it is Succession, it's The Sopranos, it's about family, the nastiness and competitiveness and the love and insecurity, and all the things that we love to see play out. That's what makes it successful."

The upcoming fourth series of the show will focus on the late Princess Diana's troubled relationship with Charles, which Josh admits has been "thrilling to play."

Josh debuted in his role as the Prince of Wales last year (19).

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