Machine Gun Kelly Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction as His Testicles Pop Out During Video Shoot

The 'Bloody Valentine' star is forced to delay the premiere of his music video for new single 'Concert for Aliens' because of an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

AceShowbiz - Rap-rocker Machine Gun Kelly's testicles have delayed the release of his latest video.

The star released his new single, "Concert for Aliens", last week (ends07Aug20) without a promo and fans spent the weekend quizzing him about the missing visuals.

Now, the Texan has taken to Instagram to explain the delay, revealing an eagle-eyed producer spotted something that should never appear in a video.

"My balls peeked through the nurse's gown outfit so we couldn't put out the video because my balls would be all over the video," Kelly explained, "so umm... this is why the video is pushed back a couple of days."

The hitmaker, real name Colson Baker, has reshot the offending scene and the video for "Concert For Aliens" will be released later this week.

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