President Donald Trump Evacuated From Press Briefing After Shooting

President Donald Trump claims to reporters that the shooting outside the White House 'might not have had anything to do with me. It might've been something else.'

AceShowbiz - President Donald Trump just experienced a shooting scare. POTUS was abruptly escorted during coronavirus press briefing on Monday, August 10 after a shooting reportedly occurred outside the White House.

It was reported that a male suspect has been taken to hospital after being shot by a member of the Secret Service at 17th Street and Pennsylvania Ave. After things were under control, Trump returned to resume the briefing.

"There was an actual shooting and somebody's been taken to the hospital," Trump explained. He continued saying that "it was the suspect who was shot" by law enforcement.

Trump claimed that the shooting "might not have had anything to do with me. It might've been something else." He added, "The wall - as you know, the fencing, especially the new fencing that they put up, is very powerful. But it was on the outside of the White House."

Trump, however, didn't seem to be baffled by the shooting incident. In response to a reporter's question if he was rattled, he replied, "I don't know. Do I seem rattled?" before noting that "the world's always been a dangerous place."

When asked if the White House had been breached in any way, Trump replied, "I don't think the person breached anything. I don't believe anything was breached. I asked that question." He went on telling reporters that he was "taken to the Oval Office" after being evacuated, adding that the Secret Service made him "feel very safe."

"They just wanted me to step aside for a little while just to make sure that everything was clear outside," the 45th president of the United States added.

Later, the Secret Service detailed the incident on Twitter. "Update: the investigation into a USSS officer involved shooting is ongoing. A male subject and a USSS officer were both transported to a local hospital. At no time during this incident was the White House complex breached or were any protectees in danger," the statement read.

The Secret Service detailed the shooting incident

The Secret Service detailed the shooting incident on Twitter.

It is said that law enforcement officials are still trying to investigate the suspect's motive.

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