Safaree Samuels Unveils 'WAP' Remix Called 'BAD' and Twitter Can't Stop Ridiculing Him

The new song finds the 'Love and Hip Hop: New York' star bragging about his member as he can be heard rapping, 'I done broke the internet with this big a** d**k.'

AceShowbiz - Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion broke the Internet last week with their collaboration "WAP", so it's only natural that other musicians will release a remix of the song sooner or later. What people don't expect is the fact that Safaree Samuels would be the first one to unleash a remix called "BAD" that stands for "Big A** D**k".

Released on Monday, August 10, the tune finds the "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star bragging about the size of his member and how he's able to make money off of OnlyFans. "Girl, you f**king with a big a** d**k/ Million dollars, OnlyFans, with this big a** d**k/ I done broke the internet with this big a** d**k/ Slap you right across your face with this big a** d**k," he can be heard rapping on the song.

People are not feeling the song at all, prompting his name to trend on social media as many start ridiculing him. "Safaree remixed cardi $ meg's song wet a** p***y..he called it bad a** d**k...bro he is 40 years wrong wit him lol," one said, while some others got even more convinced that the claim that Safaree used to write for Nicki Minaj was nothing but a lie.

Someone else said, "Safaree , Jason derulo and terry crews passing around the ' clown of the year ' award," as another individual wrote, "Safaree literally just started mimicking Nicki raps minus the lyricism after they broke up and n***as thought he wrote for her. The man finessed y'all." One other commented, "When that WAP song came out I immediately thought to myself 'n***as be corny but atleast none of us is corny enough to remix this into a d**k song' but I completely forgot safaree still alive."

"Safaree is the prime example of a big d**k n***a with little d**k antics," another person said. In the meantime, an online user wrote, "i don't remember anyone telling Safaree to remix wap, remove that s**t immediately."

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