Megan Thee Stallion Gets Candid About Beyonce Friendship: She's Like a Family

In a magazine interview, the 'Hot Girl Summer' hitmaker recalls the time when she first met the former Destiny's Child member at Bey and Jay-Z's New Year's Eve party.

AceShowbiz - It's no secret that Megan Thee Stallion is now a part of Beyonce Knowles' friends list. She has collaborated with the singing diva on "Savage" remix and even received a gift from her after news of her getting shot made headlines. Now, the Hot Girl Summer has opened up about their budding friendship while sitting down with Variety for its Power of Young Hollywood issue.

Recalling the first time they met at Bey and Jay-Z's New Year's Eve party last year, Megan revealed that she immediately felt connected to the former Destiny's Child member. "In the first five minutes of the conversation, I felt like I've been knowing her all my life," Megan said to the magazine. From then on, they stayed connected to the point that the "Diamonds" rapper felt like she already became a part of Bey's family.

"She treated me like family, and now I feel like I am family," Megan added. "We talk all the time."

Prior to being friends with Beyonce, Megan has always been a big fan of the "Crazy in Love" singer. She previously gushed over her in an interview, "Everybody knows that I super-love Beyonce. I'm from Houston, she's from Houston. I've been listening to her all my life... I watch her talk about basically going through the same struggles that I feel like I'm going through right now. If Beyonce could get through it, I could get through it."

Megan even got emotional when her "Savage" remix featuring Bey was released online, shedding tears during an Instagram Live session. "It's really crazy," she said at the time. "Cause my mama was like a really huge fan of Beyonce. She used to make me watch a lot of Beyonce stuff. For Beyonce to even do a song with me, I really have been out for like two years. This the beginning of year two…like Beyonce?"

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