Jonathan Isaac Trolled Over Knee Injury After Refusing to Kneel for National Anthem

It's been reported that the Orlando Magic player suffers a torn ACL in his left knee, an injury that typically takes around one year to completely heal, during a game against Sacramento Kings.

AceShowbiz - Things didn't go well for Jonathan Isaac during Orlando Magic's match against Sacramento Kings on Sunday, July 2. Midway through the game, the basketball player had to be wheeled off the court due to an apparent knee injury.

During the game, Jonathan attempted to split two defenders into a jump stop but his left knee buckled upon landing and he collapsed to the ground. As he was grimacing in pain during this time, the medical team attended to him for some time before taking him off the floor in a wheelchair. It's later reported that the NBA star suffered a torn ACL in his left knee.

It's still unclear when Jonathan is going to recover from his injury, though the recovery timeline for such an injury is usually around one year.

Following news of his injury, instead of wishing Jonathan a speedy recovery, people trolled him considering the fact that he refused to kneel for the national anthem, a move that was done in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, a few days ago. "Johnathan Isaac: I refuse to kneel for the flag it's against my religion. The Ancestors: I SAID KNEEL," one said, as one other commented, "This what he gets for not kneeling. Karma a b***h fr."

"Lmaoo he wouldn't take a knee during the anthem so god took his whole knee," one other mocked him. "Tell him to walk it off since he like standing so much," someone else sarcastically wrote, as an individual said, "lmfaooo a knee injuring after you wouldn't kneel with everybody else. so poetic. i love it."

Jonathan himself has explained the reason why he decided not to kneel before. "I do believe that Black Lives Matter," he told reporters, before explaining that kneeling or wearing BLM shirts during the national anthem "don't go hand-in-hand with supporting black lives." He also insisted that his decision did not have anything to do with patriotism and how he believes that the answer to solve everything that plagues society, including racism, lies in gospel.

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