NBA Star Jordan Clarkson's New Hairstyle Has Fans in Shock

Refusing to believe that the Utah Jazz player can grow his hair that fast, one person says on Twitter, 'That n***a hair ain't get that type of hangtime that quick.'

AceShowbiz - Jordan Clarkson marks the new NBA season with a new hairstyle. The half-Filipino player managed to catch people's attention during Utah Jazz's match against New Orleans Pelicans on Thursday night, July 30 with not only his performance, but also his new braids.

Given that he didn't sport the braids two weeks ago, the fact that his hair has become much longer got a lot of people shocked and surprised. "I tried to figure out where jordan clarkson magically got all that hair from but y'all ain't say nothing so I thought we was cool with it lol," one person said. "When did Jordan Clarkson get hair? And why the pelicans let him score that many points in the paint?" someone else asked a similar question.

One individual refused to believe that Jordan could get himself braids in a short amount of time, "Jordan Clarkson had a low fade in april. That n***a hair ain't get that type of hangtime that quick." Meanwhile, another was equally confused as the rest, "When the f**k did Jordan Clarkson hair get so long?????"

There was also one person who wrote, "Naw how Jordan Clarkson grew 2 years of hair in 140 days don't make no sense to me." On the other hand, another online user said, "Either Jordan Clarkson is playing with hair extensions or he has the world's fastest growing hair. These photos are 3/4 months apart."

His new hairstyles aside, Jordan did a good job leading his team to win against Pelicans during the Thursday game. Leading the way with 23 points and five boards, the efficient guard made just one of his eight three-point attempts, but on the other hand, missed one two-pointer. The game ended in 106-104, marking Utah Jazz's first NBA win since March.

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