Tyga Launches Virtual Chicken Restaurant Amid Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic

The 'Rack City' hitmaker plans to offer the Tyga Bites franchise to bosses at 500 existing U.S. eateries with the food being set to be delivered to customers via online service Grubhub.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Tyga wants to sink his teeth into the restaurant industry by launching his own virtual chicken company.

The "Rack City" hitmaker has cooked up the idea for Tyga Bites - baked, boneless, and antibiotic-free chicken tenders - and plans to offer the franchise to bosses at 500 existing U.S. eateries to teach staffmembers his secret recipe and help them survive during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The tenders will be available in black garlic, lemon black pepper, and peri-peri flavours, while customers can choose from 12 different sauces as dips, including buffalo, chunky blue cheese, garlic parm, homestyle ranch, and mango habanero.

Tyga is also serving up Tyga Tots, his take on the popular fried potato snacks, as well as chocolate chip cookies and various beverages.

The food will be delivered to customers via online service Grubhub, and the hip-hop star admits the venture, which was concocted before the COVID-19 outbreak, is driven by his own love of chicken tenders and nuggets - his go-to foods when he is hard at work in the studio.

"When I'm in the studio or on set, and I want something quick, I don't want something heavy," he tells TMZ.

"Chicken nuggets and chicken tenders is (sic) probably the most common food worldwide with French fries, so I was like, let's do something but a little healthier."

And keeping the business virtual makes it easier for him as an entrepreneur: "For me, this is kinda safe too," he shares. "I don't have to deal with the headache of opening a restaurant, hiring staff, and doing all that extra stuff, so people who already have that in place can just franchise that (his brand) and do it themselves."

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