Bobby Brown Claims Michael Jackson Learned Moonwalk From Him
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In response to Bobby's claims, most Internet users don't seem to buy his words, though someone reminds others that the New Edition member used to be a great dancer.

AceShowbiz - King of Pop Michael Jackson was famously known for his Moonwalk, which the late singer debuted during the performance of "Billie Jean" on "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever" in 1983. Bobby Brown recently claimed that he was actually the mastermind behind the popular dance move.

"When we first started out I had just came from Alabama learning how to do the Moonwalk, the real Moonwalk, where you put the sand on the ground and do it from the sand on the ground and it was like soft shoed. And Michael asked me to show him how to Moonwalk," Bobby told Fat Joe during a chat on Instagram Live.

While Fat Joe reacted to the claims by screaming, Bobby insisted that "it is a true story you could ask Michael Bivins, you can ask Ronnie Devoe, Ricky Bell, I showed Michael how to Moonwalk." He went on saying, "I'm not insinuating, I'm letting you know that this is what happened. This is how the Moonwalk was formed."

The New Edition member continued, "He may have perfected it, but I taught him how to do it. We can bring Ralph Tresvant, BBD, all on because they was there when I was showing Michael how to do this, they were all there in the foyer of his house. He perfected it, I only used it for dance battles come on I was a break dancer. Whoever stepped up was getting battled I'll battle anybody."

It remains to be seen whether Bobby told the truth, but it was previously reported that it was Shalamar's founding member Jeffrey Daniel who taught Michael the Moonwalk. MJ allegedly saw Jeffrey performing the dance on "Soul Train" and had his manager call the show to introduce him to Jeffrey, who later helped the singer perfect the move.

In response to Bobby's claims, most fans didn't seem to buy his words. "Jeffrey Daniels taught Michael how to Moon walk bobby couldn't even bust a two step as a kid," one wrote on Instagram alongside multiple laughing-and-crying-face emojis. "The way he telling the story, I believe he believes that he did," another person chimed in.

However, someone reminded others that Bobby used to be a great dancer. "People forget how amazing a dancer Bobby brown was he was damn near better than Michael do your re search just cause it sound crazy don't mean it ain't true," said the user.

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