Young Thug's Underage Daughter Sends Her Enemy Death Threats Via TikTok Video

In a short clip the 8-year-old girl posts on the video-sharing site, Mari Mego tells her nemesis, 'When ya daddy ya mama ya auntie ya gramama die don't say nun.'

AceShowbiz - Mari Mego lets people know not to mess around with her. Over the weekend, Young Thug's daughter uploaded a video on TikTok that saw her going off on someone and even going as far as sending the person a death threat.

In the video, Mego first told her followers to unfollow the person who had beef with her as she said, "Y'all go unfollow her right now, like, I need y'all to get her to zero by tomorrow." She went on explaining what happened between her and the said person before adding, "I don't really care. You better care 'cause when that happens don't say nun."

Mego continued, "When ya daddy ya mama ya auntie ya gramama die don't say nun," and concluded the video by saying, "Man, I got nothing to say." In the caption of the video, she wrote, "Queen_kaykay21 Just come down by the ej house tomorrow at 2:00 a dot."

Thug has yet to give his comment on his daughter's action, as people started expressing their concern. "That's horrendous. She's a little girl acting like this. That's embarrassing for Thug & whoever her mama is. Idc I said what I said," an Internet user said. "This is not funny or cute behavior at all like..," another shared his/her opinion, while one other wrote, "So we raising another generation too act this way? Is this cool. We need to wake up."

This isn't the first time Mego's action caused concern among social media users. Last year, the rapper was parent-shamed after a video surfaced of the little girl operating a moving vehicle. Thug was quick to address the matter, saying, "Never would I put my child's life in danger or anyone else's life. I am out of town and that video is clearly in Atlanta. I am a very safe man, especially when it come down to my kids. I am very smart, last thing I am looking for is clout/fame I have both. Plus she wouldn't dare even ask me could she drive a car.. But it'll be handled expeditiously."

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