James Charles, Nikita Dragun Deemed 'Bad Influence' for Partying Amid Pandemic

Besides James and Nikita, the likes of Charli D'Amelio and Tana Mongeau also attend Larri Merrit's birthday party at the Hype House headquarters without wearing masks.

AceShowbiz - Coronavirus is still very much alive and it's not a good thing to gather in large groups amid this pandemic era. However, social media stars such as James Charles and Nikita Dragun apparently decided to ignore the health guidelines and attended Larri Merritt's birthday party on Tuesday night, July 21. Naturally, those stars received criticism.

The festivities began with a dinner at BOA Steakhouse before the group moved to Hype House headquarters in Hollywood Hills where an estimated 67 attendees got drunk and danced beneath Hello Kitty strobelights. Besides James and Nikita, other partygoers at the event included Charli and Dixie D'Amelio as well as Tana Mongeau, who were all seen maskless in videos posted on their social media accounts.

This was certainly not a good thing to do as the virus is still spreading all around the world, and thus, the group was heavily criticized by the masses. Fellow influencer, Tyler Oakley, also took to his Twitter account to call them out for setting bad influences to their followers. "If your favorite influencers are at huge house parties during a pandemic (& are dumb enough to post it on social media)... they are bad influences," so the LGBTQ activity said, before encouraging others to "unfollow them."

He later tagged several public figures who attended the party in another post and told them to "consider social distancing mask wearing, & using your huge platforms to encourage responsibility during a worldwide pandemic."

He added, "i want them to stay healthy, i want their people to stay healthy, i want vulnerable people they may come into contact with to stay healthy... they just need a reminder that they have the added responsibility of being role models during a crucial moment in our country."

Larri, the host of the party, has directly responded to Tyler, apologizing for the decision he made during the pandemic. "i understand 100% where ur coming from & it was a dumb thing to do. I will do better & will actually take this s**t seriously. appreciate you tyler much love," he said.

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