Iesha claims in a video that a white woman did the same thing as her during his presidential rally, but he 'called her on stage, gave her a hug and everything.'

AceShowbiz - Kanye West made a lot of headlines during his first presidential rally, including a viral video that found him yelling at a black woman. Now, the said woman, whose name is Iesha, has broken her silence and slammed him over his opposite treatment to a white woman who did the same thing as her.

In a video posted on social media, Iesha explained that she was one of the people who got selected to ask him questions on the stage. Thus, she asked him about gun reforms but instead of giving her a clear answer, Kanye "spewed out random facts and bragged about himself."

From there, things only got worse as Kanye got irritated because Iesha kept correcting the misinformation he was saying. "Then after that, he started to go on a rant and he started saying very incorrect facts to his crowd and I kept interrupting him and shouting over him the correct facts because he has a large platform and he shouldn't be saying incorrect things to people who look up to him," she recalled. "And then he stopped, put the spotlight on me and then he interrogated me in front of everyone for interrupting him."

Iesha expressed how baffled she was at his reaction because a white girl did the same thing as her but instead of getting yelled at, Kanye "called her on stage, gave her a hug and everything."

She continued, "And basically once he kicked me off stage after that, he then called me a 'Sister Soldier' and then he continued to say I wanted 'Wakanda' not America and he kind of just talked badly about black women." She concluded her video by begging everyone not to vote for Kanye because "he's just not qualified y'all. He just ain't it."

In the viral video that made it round online, Kanye could be seen yelling at Iesha, "Do you want to be that same person? Your face is covered, and we don’t even know who you are."

Reps for Kanye have yet to respond to this.

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