Michael Jackson's Estate Settles Lawsuit With Ex-Manager for $3 Million

The estate of the late King of Pop has settled legal dispute with the star's former manager Tohme R. Tohme, eight years after he first launched his lawsuit.

AceShowbiz - Michael Jackson's estate executives have officially ended their legal spat with the pop superstar's ex-manager.

Tohme R. Tohme has reportedly accepted a $3 million (£2.39 million) settlement after demanding a cut of the compensation the King of Pop received during the last year of his life.

Tohme first sued the estate in 2012 for $20 million (£15.9 million) after alleging he was owed commission on the cash as well as a cut of the proceeds from Jackson's concert film "This Is It".

He also claimed he was due a finder's fee for securing a loan that prevented the foreclosure of Jackson's Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County, California.

Tohme and the estate bosses agreed to terms last year (May19), but a written acceptance was never agreed on and the money was never paid, leaving Tohme with the option to sue again, which he did in November.

The new settlement makes it clear that Tohme cannot bring any other charges against the estate.

"The intent of the settlement was to finally put to rest all of Tohme's claims so that the Estate is not burdened by future litigation of old claims," the documents read, according to Billboard.

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