'Superstore' Star Ben Feldman Recuperating in Hospital From Spinal Surgery

The 40-year-old actor gives update on his condition, insisting that he's good as he remains in hospital during recovery after undergoing a spinal surgery.

AceShowbiz - "Superstore" and "Mad Men" actor Ben Feldman is recovering in hospital after undergoing spinal surgery.

The 40 year old has posted a photo of himself in bed on Instagram, updating fans and followers on his condition.

"So some Me news: on Monday, an incredible surgeon in Newport (dr Robert Bray) opened up my neck, drilled out some calcified bone & 2 s**tty discs in my spine, popped in 2 artificial discs & sewed me back up," the actor wrote.

"It was horrifying but I'm alive & lots of friends/family sending me food that I can swallow, which is a v (very) underrated category of food (slippery)."

Heaping praise on his wife, Michelle, Ben added, "@michellehelyn is an incredible (& patient) nurse & sometimes when she's unavailable, (two-year-old son) Charlie will bring his toy dr bag up to my room & give me a shot. Anyway things are good."

Ben and Michelle welcomed their second child in April 2019.

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