Jayda Cheaves Beefing With Sister Jazz After Getting Dragged on Instagram Live

During her Live session, Jazz appears to claim that Lil Baby helped Jayda get to where she is right now and that the 'Emotionally Scarred' rapper once put his hands on her.

AceShowbiz - Jayda Cheaves has a rather complicated relationship with her sister Jazz. Sometimes they will support each other, and sometimes they will be at each other's throats. This time around, the sisters are beefing after Jazz went on Instagram Live to blast the popular socialite, claiming that she's not a self-made person.

Jazz didn't name names during the Live session, but it was clear that she was talking about her sister. At one point, she appeared to hint that Lil Baby helped Jayda get to where she is right now with his money and that Jayda didn't put as much effort as her to achieve her success. Thus, Jazz felt like she should be the one who got all the credits because she worked hard all by herself to achieve her goal.

Elsewhere in the session, Jazz seemingly claimed that Jayda didn't buy her car by herself and that Baby put his hands on her.

Given that Jazz's Live went viral online, it's only natural that Jayda would find out about it sooner or later. She quickly denied the allegations but decided not to expose her sister. "And even if I was given 100K I turned that mfer into 2.3 million on my own OFF MY NAME SELLING S**T by the age 18. Please don't make me start pulling off receipts," she said on her private Twitter account.

"I wish I'd get on Live or on here period and entertain a bunch of lies and mess from my same blood. BYE: everything she saying is right. Lol she win! Go shop with her while y'all are it," she added in another tweet, before saying that her mother should be disappointed to see their current relationship. Jayda noted, "It's sad that my sister is like how she is. But she flips off on all of us like twice a month. That's why I fw her from a distance. But today drew the line. And for her to say he hit her is beyoooond me. But anything to make me look bad. So she wins like I said."

Jazz later returned to Instagram Stories with her own response. "People been living in a wild of lies so my little truth ain't gon mean s**t to I really tell the whole story… I never been afraid of s**t I been thru or wheat I got," she said. "But y'all done believe all this cap s**t so I'm not even mad for y'all looking at me crazy. I let this s**t go on WAYYYYY too long."

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