City Girls' Yung Miami Buys Her Brother and Sister 2 Cars: ‘My Mama Next’

In a video she shares on Instagram Stories, the 'Supahood' female rapper shows off a bunch of cash inside a bag that she later uses to buy her brother a new car.

AceShowbiz - Yung Miami makes sure that her family also gets to enjoy her success as a musician. The City Girls member recently took to Instagram Stories to reveal that she had bought her brother and sister two cars each.

In a video she shared on the photo-sharing site, Miami was seen showing off a bunch of cash inside a bag as she said that she would be using the money to buy her brother a car. She did buy him a car, as seen in the following video in which her brother was sitting inside a vehicle. Miami wrote in the caption, "Went & cop my brother a brand new whip all cash."

Her brother wasn't the only one receiving this treat. "My mama next when she gets out," she wrote in a follow-up post. "Bought my sister and brother 2 cars each they both got upgraded."

Many people praised her for spoiling her family. "That's so sweet. My siblings won't get a mcchicken," an Instagram user said. "I love Miami frfr. This the only reason I want money. I want my fam to be good forever," someone else praised her, while another person appreciated what she did because "most celebs get famous and don't even take care of their siblings she show out for hers!"

This arrived a month after Miami mourned the death of her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Jai Wiggins, who was killed in a shooting. "Babies 1st words are DADA & that's what you are a FATHER to Jai," she said in an Instagram post. "You & Jai is peanut butter & jelly always together. One thing about you, you don't play about your son! So humble, quiet & uplifting. I hate this happen to you Jai you didn't deserve this! Need you Jai."

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