Wild Rumors Suggest Ellen DeGeneres 'D Worded' by Falling Off the Roof

It's unclear how the rumors start spreading on Twitter, but many people are quick to come up with a bunch of memes and new jokes about the daytime talk show host.

AceShowbiz - People who went to Twitter on Monday night, July 6 probably noticed that "Ellen d" was trending on the blue bird site. This was all because users of the platform jokingly started wild rumors that suggested Ellen DeGeneres died by falling off the roof.

It's unclear how the rumors started spreading, but people were quick to come up with a bunch of memes and new jokes about the daytime talk show host. Many of them created a GIF of Ellen falling off the roof while claiming that it was footage of her death. "Breaking the silence about what's going on. Ellen d worded on accident today. She didn't think it would be her last day on earth. I'll miss her beautiful smile," one jokingly said alongside a photo of Justin Bieber rocking a similar hairstyle as Ellen's.

"why is ellen d wording the most fun thing to happen on twitter in weeks," another commented, as one more person wrote, "So if I understand this correctly, Ellen D worded after getting into a fight with da Undertaker in Hell in a Cell." There was also someone who reacted, "the way twitter collectively decided to declare ellen d€ad I'm CRYIN, we're BORED bored."

An individual joked, "Ellen D fans are all frazzled and dripping tears from news of her accident. -RiP-," while another was wondering, "How the person who started the rumor about ellen d wording feels like rn." One other said, "ellen d worded guys looks like we don't have to sit through any more awkward and uncomfortable interviews where she asks inappropriate questions."

Ellen has yet to respond to the rumors. Her latest tweet was a condolence to Amanda Kloots, whose husband Nick Cordero recently passed away due to complications from coronavirus.

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