Jenny 'JWoww' Farley Opens Up About Son's OCD Tendencies

Her 'Jersey Shore' co-star Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi shows support to JWoww in the comment section of her Instagram post, gushing over the latter and calling her 'the strongest mawma i know.'

AceShowbiz - Jennie "JWoww" Farley has made use of her social media account to get candid about her nights as a mother. Taking to Instagram, the MTV star shares with his followers about her son Greyson's "OCD tendecies" in a lengthy post on Monday, December 23.

"My sweet @greysonmathews took 45 minutes to calm down tonight... all because I didn't pick him up in the exact spot he needed me to and he couldn't continue the night unless I did," so the TV star wrote alongside a picture of her lying on bed with a sleeping Greyson. "Lately, Greyson has been experiencing OCD tendencies."

"Not sure if they are related to his ASD or just overlap. He cannot continue anything until it's redone the way he wants," JWoww continued. "Whether it's dressing himself, making his own drinks, or walking a certain way... it has to be 'Greyson do.' "

JWoww then noted that while "it's fine sometimes," she realized that she had "to break him of these habits before it affects him socially." She apparently started to do it that night, explaining, "Tonight I chose not to pick him up Greyson's way, but was ready with open arms when he was ready to give in. Sometimes it takes 5 seconds... sometimes it takes an hour."

"Every time breaks my heart but I'll never give in. If I give in, he will just up the level next time. One day he will learn and grow up to be an incredible adult. Until then, mama will be right by your side helping your every step. So Greyson, hoping one day you will read this and know Mommy never gave up," so she concluded her post.

Her "Jersey Shore" co-star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi showed support to her in the comment section. "You're the strongest mawma i know & i love you. Bubby is so lucky to have you as his mommy," she wrote. In addition, her boyfriend Zack Carpinello left a single heart emoji.

"Hang in there Jen.. I hope it gets better the older he gets. Being a mom is already difficult enough I couldnt imagine with a child who has ASD and OCD. You are doing great.. even when you feel like you arent!" one fan added. Meanwhile, someone else shared her own story, saying, "My daughter does that too... some of that is just the age. She throws a fit if she didn’t get to open the door of if I did something for her that she wanted to do first, her way. Hang in there. Some of this they will outgrow."

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