Adrien Broner Says He Might Have Aborted Dozens of Babies

Unsurprisingly, people are not impressed with the professional boxer's confession about his personal life, with one person telling him, 'We didn't need to know this.'

AceShowbiz - Adrien Broner's intention to get honest about his personal life is not so well received by his followers. On Monday, June 29, the professional boxer, who has been bragging about his newfound fame due to his antics, revealed how abortion has helped him control the number of his offspring.

"Without abortions I would have almost 30 kids [a heartbreak emoji]," he posted the out-of-the-blue confession on a plain black background, adding the hashtag that he has been using in some of his previous posts, #StillAdjustingToFame.

It's unclear what prompted Adrien to share this info, but he is indeed known for his over-the-top antics both in and out of the ring. Needless to stay, people were not impressed by his nonchalant admission about the shocking number of babies that he has had aborted.

"This ain't it," one follower wrote in the comment section of his post. Another dubbed it "too far," while a third user called out the 30-year-old athlete, who was ranked as the world's fifth best active boxer, pound for pound by The Ring in December 2012, for "the ignorance" in the tone of his post.

"Man who u telling," a baffled person asked. Another urged him to delete the post, "You still have time to delete this." Someone else questioned his motive in sharing this info, "Why would he post this," while one other remarked, "He should've kept this to his self." Another echoed the sentiment as writing, "We didn't need to know this."

Even after the handful of abortions that he claimed, Adrien has six children from different baby mamas, daughter Na'Riya and sons KJ, Armani, Admire, Adrien Jr. and Ahseir, who is still an infant. Back in April, he was trolled by his older kids for complaining about having to pay more child support because students are being held back a year due to the coronavirus quarantine.

He shared on Instagram a picture of a quote that read, "So everybody kids will be held back a year in school this is crazy! This s**t just basically put another year of child support and school clothes and new iPhones and s**t on a N***A man." He added in the caption of the post, "This s**t so f***ed up, man!"

His daughter Nene alerted her siblings of their father's post and wrote, "Look how daddy feel about us." In response, Adrien assured her that he was just joking. "Baby I'm just joking," he wrote. "I don't care I will take care of y'all until I'm old and can't walk talk and move no more daddy will always have y'all back."

But neither of them believed his words. "But daddy I been asking for half on my phone u haven't even gave it to me," Nene replied, while Adrien Jr. said, "It's ok sis it's nothing new." Armani, meanwhile, joked, "He's talking about y'all not me."

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