Kevin Costner's Attempts to Educate His Kids on U.S. Civil War Didn't Go Well

The 'Molly's Game' actor reveals he tried to give his children a history lesson amid the nationwide Black Lives Matter movement but the young kids quickly became bored.

AceShowbiz - Kevin Costner's attempts to educate his kids on American history didn't go according to plan, after they only manage to sit through three hours of Ken Burns' 11-hour documentary "The Civil War".

Amid the ongoing protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, aiming to put an end to systematic racism and racial injustice, following the killing of African-American man George Floyd at the hands of police, the star thought it might be a good idea to give his kids a history lesson.

However, his younger sons Cayden, 13, Hayes, 11, and 10-year-old daughter Grace weren't entirely sold on their dad's plans to stay indoors and enjoy the nine-part documentary series in one sitting.

The "Yellowstone" star told Entertainment Tonight, "I wanted them, during this coronavirus, to watch Ken Burns' The Civil War. I wanted them to understand a level of history."

"My wife said, 'This is not going to work out, they're 13, 11 and 10. They do not like history the way you do. This will be a slog for them.' And I said, 'No, they're going to love it," he recalled. "After three hours of it I said to them, 'Guys, we're not going to watch The Civil War.' And I then watched the next eight hours myself. But I want them to watch it over time."

Explaining it's impossible to keep his kids indoors - especially after self-isolating for months amid the coronavirus crisis - he added, "I live on the ocean... Now that school's over, we're in the bloom of summer and it's almost impossible for me to keep them off the ocean."

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