NBA YoungBoy Fuming After Thieves Demand $30K Ransom for His Stolen Cars

The 'Bandit' rapper loses his cool during an Instagram Live conversation with the thugs, who broke into his house in Houston, Texas and took videos of the robbery.

AceShowbiz - NBA YoungBoy a.k.a. YoungBoy Never Broke Again has just lost some of his expensive belongings. The rapper got his house in Houston, Texas broken into by some thieves, who have been bragging about it on social media.

The thugs captured the robbery on videos and have shared them on Instagram. In one of the circulating videos, they seemed to be starstruck when they discovered whose house they broke into. According to the videos, the goons used the keys to gain access to YoungBoy's luxury rides, including at least one white Bentley, a white Rolls-Royce and a white 2020 Mclaren GT.

But instead of just running away with the cars, the thieves have now issued a ransom of $30,000 for the items they have taken. They even had a conversation with the Baton Rogue artist on Instagram Live, during which the latter was clearly upset and lost his cool as he cursed out at the goons.

However, YoungBoy seemed to refuse to give in to the thieves' demand. Addressing the robbery on Instagram Live, he didn't seem to be bothered at all, claiming that they only took a pair of his cameraman's Gucci flip flops and some cash that was left in the cars.

Calling them "dumb," he also questioned the execution of their plan. "Threw a brick, threw a brick and didn't even hit the car?" he said while smoking in a car.

Meanwhile, social media users doubt that the home invasion was legit. Some people suspected that the 20-year-old was aware of it and orchestrated it as a marketing ploy. In making their point across, they pointed out that in footage released of the robbery, one of the thieves was captured on camera. This amateur move would make it easy for law enforcement and anybody else to identify him and look after him for the robbery.

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