Jason Derulo Wants to Have Hot Dog Eating Face-Off With Dwayne Johnson on Independence Day

Having managed to gulp down 20 burgers in two hours, the 'Swalla' hitmaker believes he could win against the 'Jumanji: The Next Level' actor in an eating contest.

AceShowbiz - Singer Jason Derulo has publicly challenged Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to a hot dog eating contest on America's Independence Day, July 04.

The "Swalla" hitmaker recently showed off his big appetite by challenging himself to devour 22 burgers on TikTok to celebrate hitting 22 million followers on the app.

Derulo managed to gulp down 20 in two hours, and admits he surprised himself by getting that far.

"I think I'm pretty d**n good," he smiled to TMZ. "I didn't know I could eat that much. I mean, that was crazy! Honestly, I thought I was gonna make it to like, 12... but I made it to 20! That's insane."

Now he is keen to really put himself to the test by going up against former wrestler-turned-Hollywood action star The Rock, who is well known for chowing down on massive meals whenever he has a cheat day.

"I think I could take him, honestly, I really do," Derulo mused. "My security guards are big guys and I eat more than all those guys... (The Rock)'s notoriously a big eater, but people don't know this about me, but I eat a ton."

Derulo is now calling on the "Jumanji: The Next Level" actor to face off with him in a virtual 10-minute chow down next month, similar to the professional Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest staged in Coney Island, New York every Independence Day.

Addressing the muscle-bound star directly, the singer said, "The Rock, listen: I know you're notoriously a big eater, but I'm a big boy. I'm calling you out right now. I guarantee you if we do this on July 4th, you versus me, hot dog eating contest, I'm gonna come out on top!"

The Rock has yet to respond to the challenge.

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