Jay-Z Hilariously Claps Back at The Bullitts for Accusing Him of Stealing Toilet Paper on IG Live

When the British music producer hops on Instagram Live with the Tidal owner in the room, he keeps pestering Jay o return his leather backpack with the toiler paper in it.

AceShowbiz - Jay-Z had a hilarious banter with The Bullitts on Instagram Live. As if it's not rare enough for the Roc Nation founder to get into this social media trend which many celebrities have been using during the coronavirus quarantine to interact with their fans, he showed off his trolling skills as the British singer/songwriter accused him of stealing his backpack with toilet paper in it.

Jay was in the room when The Bullitts and their mutual friend Young Guru did the live session. The Bullitts began to speak with the "Run This Town" rapper, "I just need to speak to Jay." Jay replied, "I can hear you, go ahead."

The Bullitts asked Jay to show up on the camera, but the Roc Nation founder chose not to show his face. The former went on with his initial intention to speak with Jay, but prefaced his rant with a little praise. He called Jay one of the greatest to ever do it, prompting a confused Jay to reply, "I have no idea what's going on."

"The reason I'm saying that Jay is because you have an amazing memory so don't feign a bad memory when I tell you -- you stole my leather backpack with my aloe vera toilet paper in it. It was you," The Bullitts let out his allegation against Jay, who responded with audible laugh. Young Guru seemed to be in disbelief, throwing his hands in the air.

Doubling down on his statement, The Bullitts argued, "Look, here's the thing. What'd you get the billionaire greatest rapper alive of all time that has everything? Homemade, by his mom, aloe vera toilet paper. It was you, Jay." He continued, "I went through all the suspects since the Gold Party."

Apparently thinking the allegation was ridiculous, Jay asked, "Is this like a tissue challenge?" He then trolled The Bullitts, "Wait, wait. Let me ask you a question. And this a serious question.... James, have you not wiped your bum since the gold party?"

The husband of Beyonce Knowles didn't stop there, as he added, "I got some advice. If you're backpack is really missing and this is really true." The 50-year-old continued, "Allegedly, because we on live TV or whatever this s**t is. The person that took your backpack killed Rex Mills. Find that person, you find that backpack... allegedly. Who is above your pay grade? Take what I told you... allegedly."

This isn't the first time The Bullitts tried to find the person who stole his backpack. He has in the past pestered many people associated to Jay about his missing bag.

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