Azriel Clary Shades R. Kelly for Locking 'Women in Rooms for Days'

The 22-year-old former girlfriend of the incarcerated singer takes aim at him on her Twitter account after revealing that she is in the middle of healing process.

AceShowbiz - R. Kelly's ex-girlfriend Azriel Clary continues to take a jab at the disgraced singer. The 22-year-old, who has since reunited with her family, took to her Twitter account to further detail her past relationship with the music icon.

"It really boggles my mind how a man would leave women in rooms for days, with no phone just paper to write an apology..," so Azriel tweeted to her followers on Monday, May 18. "but now that you in a room all day with no phone, you don't like it. The irony."

Azriel Clary shaded R. Kelly

Azriel Clary shaded R. Kelly.

Prior to this, Azriel made headlines after she filmed herself ripping up Kelly's luxury coats. "Materialistic stuff do not abuse me. That is not what abused me. The clothes were not manipulating me. The man was. The man was supplying everything," she said after destroying the jacket during an Instagram Live session.

"You sound stupid. You sound very, very stupid supporting someone whom you now know has abuses so many people. How stupid can you be? How degrading can you be?" she added.

"You can't be mad at me because I'm healing, and I'm healing amazingly. And I'm happy that I'm healing. Don't f**k with me. Let me be happy. Let me live my life," she continued. "[Men] think that because they buy you stuff, they deserve to treat you however they want to treat you. I don't a give a f**k even if you give a milion hundred ring, that doesn't give you the right to treat me however you want to treat. If you want this jacket of his, I can mail this jacket to you."

Azriel dated Kelly when she was 17 while the "I Believe I Can Fly" singer was 48. The R&B star is currently in jail for multiple sexual misconduct charges, including three federal sex trafficking charges: kidnapping, forced labor, sexual exploitation of a child and racketeering. His first court date is tentatively set for September. Kelly denied all allegations of sexual abuse.

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