The female filmmaker reveals she turned into a movie professor and gave her children some arthouse film lessons when the internet went out during quarantine.

AceShowbiz - Filmmaker Sofia Coppola turned her home into a movie museum when the coronavirus lockdown began because the family's Internet was down for days.

The "Lost in Translation" director had to dig out her old DVDs so her kids had something to watch and she decided to give them some arthouse movie lessons.

"Our Internet was out and we just had to see what DVDs we had," Sofia tells 92YTalks. "It was really fun because my kids just had to watch whatever we had and couldn't argue over watching High School Musical 3!"

"We watched (director) Preston Sturges and The Lady Eve which I'm surprised they liked so much. Really random, we watched Working Girl which I really love. Then I thought we'd use this time for some film education so we watched the first of The Apu Trilogy which was challenging for them and really slow but so satisfying."

"Then they complained about watching the second one, so we put it off. That one was a lot of work but was so touching at the end because it's about family and having enough, which was what we were going through with lockdown."

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