'Survivor: Winners at War' Finale Recap: The Winner Is...

Kicking off the episode, 14 players on the 'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' compete with each other to get one chance to join Denise Stapley, Tony Vlachos, Sarah Lacina, Michele Fitzgerald and Ben Drieberge in the game.

AceShowbiz - "Survivor: Winners at War" aired its finale on Wednesday, May 13. At the end of the episode, one of the five remaining contestants, Denise Stapley, Tony Vlachos, Sarah Lacina, Michele Fitzgerald and Ben Driebergen, would be named the winner of the season and taking home coveted $2 million grandprize.

Kicking off the episode, 14 players on the "Edge of Extinction" competed with each other to get one chance to join back the game. They had to do a challenge featuring different stages. Natalie Anderson led as she pocketed three advantages and eventually won following a showdown between her and Wendell Holland.

As soon as she joined the five players, Natalie told them that everyone on the jury wanted to vote Tony to win. The claims got Sarah, Tony's biggest ally, worried as she wanted to prove that she played a crucial part in the big moves that Tony made.

Later at the immunity challenge, the players were asked to run through an intense obstacle course to collect three bags of puzzle pieces. They later had to complete the puzzle. Michele came out as the winner.

Tony wanted to out Natalie but he hesitated as he thought that she might have an advantage in her pocket, which was true. Natalie, meanwhile, formed an alliance with Michelle who later hinted to Tony that Natalie would be voting for him in hopes he would play the idol. Tony didn't want to waste his idol so he tried to convince Sarah and Ben to vote for Denise with him.

At tribal council, Natalie played her hidden immunity idol. That led Tony and Ben to play theirs too. Natalie got four votes with Ben getting two, but because they played their hidden idols, the votes didn't count. They had a re-vote and eventually Denise was eliminated.

Before the next immunity challenge, Natalie obtained an idol. For the new challenge, the players had to swim, climb and balance to obtain a key. Tony came out as the winner.

Tony asked Sarah to find out whether Natalie had a hidden idol. Natalie told Sarah that he did, and Tony heard that. With that, the plan was to vote on Michelle to flush Natalie's idol out and get Michele out of the game. Ben, however, worried that Natalie would blindside them and play the idol for Michele. He then urged Sarah to write his name down to help her if she gets to the final three.

At tribal council, Natalie played her idol for herself. Meanwhile, Ben was sent to the jury as Sarah did what Ben asked her to.

The final immunity challenge required the players to drop balls down a chute and catch them before they hit the ground while one of their hands was tied behind their back. They would be out if they dropped the ball. Natalie earned the first spot in the final three after she won the challenge. Natalie would choose one player to join her in the Top 3 while the rest had to win a fire-making challenge to earn the last spot.

After much consideration, Natalie picked Michele to join her in the final three which meant Tony and Sarah were going head-to-head in fire-making challenge which Tony eventually won.

It was finally time for the 16 jury members to vote among Tony, Natalie and Michele. Tony got 11 votes while Natalie earned 5 votes. That meant Tony was crowned as the winner!

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