Rich the Kid Faces $234,800 Lawsuit Over Unpaid Jewelry Tab

The 'Plug Walk' hitmaker was alleged to have ordered diamond necklaces, crosses and a set of Patek Philippe watches from Extraordinary Jewels of Beverly Hills, California without paying.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Rich the Kid is being sued after racking up a $234,800 (£189,599) tab at Extraordinary Jewels of Beverly Hills, California.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit, filed by Peter Marco, alleges the star owes hundreds of thousands of dollars for items including bracelets and fancy watches, which he obtained over a three-year relationship with the company.

The "Plug Walk" hitmaker, real name Dimitri Roger, reportedly ordered diamond necklaces, crosses, and a set of Patek Philippe watches worth several hundred thousand dollars. However, he's yet to pay off the items.

In the legal filing, Marco claims Rich wired over several payments, but they eventually stopped - despite the fact he's continued ordering jewellery from the company.

Consequently, Roger is suing for what he's owed.

Rich is no stranger to splashing on new jewels - in the past, he's ordered pieces when he dropped new albums and even collaborations to celebrate his success.

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