Kate Middleton Struggling to Get Prince George to Focus on His School Work

The Duchess of Cambridge admits homeschooling during the coronavirus lockdown is really hard as her unruly son Prince George would rather play with his sister Princess Charlotte.

AceShowbiz - Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is finding it "difficult" to homeschool her son Prince George as he wants to play with his younger sister Princess Charlotte.

The British royal opened up about how her family have been coping during the Covid-19 lockdown in an interview with U.K. TV show "This Morning".

In the chat, she revealed that George, six, has been being a bit of a pain as he wants to complete five-year-old Charlotte's more informal school tasks rather than his own work.

"George gets very upset because he just wants to do all of Charlotte's projects. Making spider sandwiches is far cooler than doing literacy work," she said.

Speaking about how she and her husband Prince William explain the coronavirus pandemic to their kids, the Duchess, whose youngest son Prince Louis is two, added, "We try and check in daily with family members and speak to them about news and things like that, and in some ways I suppose we've got a lot more face time than perhaps we would have done before but it is difficult. It's hard to explain to a five and a six, nearly seven year old what's going on."

"But the schools are being great at supporting them as well. Hard times, but we've got the support out there I think."

During lockdown, the 38-year-old is also spearheading a photography project that will capture the mood of U.K. citizens amid the pandemic. She has collaborated with the National Portrait Gallery for the Hold Still exhibtion, which will display photos sent in by the public later this summer 2020.

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